Types of courses

Corona measures: We currently offer all our courses in online form. Online sessions usually have a duration of 1,5 hours and are combined with written language support during the week. Please contact us to for all the possibilities. We look forward to our agendas matching yours!

Types of courses

Thirty hours of language training is advised to be able to reach a next language level for a learner. We guarantee you will reach your next level when you put in the same amount of time between your language sessions to work with and practise the curriculum.
We recommend a thirty hour learning path if your course objective is a clearly audible and visible language improvement in written and spoken Dutch.
As we like to give learners enough time to study and exercise the learned curriculum, we recommend once or twice a week learning paths.

The learning paths below can be followed both individually as well as in a group with your colleagues:

Learning path 10 x 3 hours in 10 weeks (once a week training)

Learning path 12 x 2,5 hours in 12 weeks (once a week training)

Learning path 10 x 3 hours in 5 weeks (twice a week training)

Learning path 12 x 2,5 hours in 6 weeks (twice a week training)

Are you interested in more training sessions per week to shorten the course duration? Please let us know!

Do you desire to have your training in a different kind of schedule then the options given here above? Please inform us! We look forward to discuss the possibilities.

For a short, intensive training or other questions we also kindly ask you to contact us.

Please send your email to info@incompanydutch.nl or call us at +31(0)6 8354 6621. We appreciate you sharing your wishes with us. Thank you!

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