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April 2020 – Language aid for illiteracy

Have you noticed any of your employees having trouble understanding the circular mail or newsletter? Have you seen your employee struggling filling out a work form?

If you suspect low literacy among (one of) your employees, it is important to discuss this. Low literacy usually goes together with a lot of insecurity and often it is accompanied by inadequate digital skills too.

In today’s times of heavy reliance on doing work(-related) activities online, shortcomings in digital skills are far more easily revealed. Is this something you notice by one of your employees and is this accompanied by difficulty in reading and/or writing? Is this employee however very valuable to your company? Investment in language development often proves to be very rewarding in such cases.

IncompanyDutch & Co provides language assistance at every level. Your employee can discuss everything he / she encounters with us in full peace and quiet. We offer a safe, pleasant learning environment in which your employee is linked to a personal trainer who works with him / her to increase the language skills. Your employee sets the pace. The (company) goals and progress of the employee are leading throughout the course.

Most courses currently takes place through weekly online sessions in combination with written language support in between the sessions.
Live training sessions are still possible with us in all situations where the meeting room in your company is spacious enough to guarantee the 1.5 meter distance for everyone. In addition to this all attendees must naturally be fit and healthy to participate in the course.

Do you prefer an online training but do you need help installing the programs? Would you like someone explaining how to use your computer during online sessions? Your trainer will schedule an appointment with you to get acquainted with you and help you set up your training. This service is free of any costs. It is also in our interest that you get the most out of your training.

March 2020 – Corona measures

The corona crisis affects us all.
We as a language institute follow all measures as taken by the government.
We take extra care with regard to keeping an appropriate distance and in addition to not shaking hands, which we already stopped doing to be on the safe side, we also ensure that everyone only uses their own writing materials during language sessions. (No more pens or pencils are exchanged).

As many of our courses are followed individually or in small groups, all our lessons take place as usual in all situations where both trainer and participant(s) feel fit and healthy. In addition your company’s meeting room must be large enough to safeguard enough space for all attendees.

Nevertheless, we have seen an understandible increase in demand for online training sessions. To meet this demand we developed a method for remote language teaching and support.

Information about training at distance
Our online training plan consists out of 1,5 hour video call sessions in combination with screen sharing on the computer, which allows both participant and trainer to work in the same files and make various exercises and tasks. In this setup, participants have access to the PC of the trainer, which makes it possible to work in the many language programs on the PC of the trainer. In addition to the weekly video call session(s), a lot of time is spent on email traffic and checking and returning of completed writing exercises.

In the online courses we still work with our language books; the participants receive their course books at their home address before commencement of the course. In addition to the book, the participants are also given a lot of extra writing exercises that are very suitable and have specifically been selected for the online learning path.

Especially the video call sessions with screen sharing are intensive, as the participant is expected to do a lot of typing in the document that is also viewed by the trainer. All points of focus are looked at and mistakes are corrected and explained by the trainer immediately.

This course setup stimulates to ‘produce’ a lot and bring into practise all that has been learned. At the end of the session, the participant keeps the file, which contains all the notes of that lesson.

A combination of face-to-face sessions and online sessions is also possible!

For more information about online training courses, we kindly ask you to contact us at or by telephone on +31 (0) 6 8354 6621.

We look forward to answering all your questions!

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